FAQ | Speedtsberg A/S


How do I become Speedtsberg retailer?
Please contact us at info@speedtsberg.com

How do I as retailer order Speedtsberg interior?
You can order our interior day and night by using our webshop/online catalogues. You only need to have a customer login. You can also contact us on tel. +45 7625 8888 or at info@speedtsberg.com. Please, have your item numbers ready – that will make the processing time shorter. If you are in Denmark, you can also visit our showroom with one of our sellers.

How do I as private buyer order Speedtsberg interior?
We sell interior exclusively to retailers. You are most welcome to contact us on tel. +45 7625 8888 or at info@speedtsberg.com to get more information about our interior, retailers, etc.


My vase/flowerpot causes condensation. Why is that?
When you pour water in a vase, it is like pouring water in a glass. If the water is colder than the room temperature, condensation will occur – either outside of the glass or on the bottom. Therefore, we recommend that you place felt under your vases and flowerpots, so that the condensation can evaporate. Please look under the vase a couple of times after filling up water.

Recommendation of lights to tea light 
We have learned in the media that there have been cases of overheating of tea lights, both free-standing and more closed versions of these. For safety reasons, we recommend that our tea light candle holders are lit with "LED candle".

I have ordered cushions but the stuffing is missing. Why is that?
We sell cushion covers and stuffing separately. Therefore, you should always tell us, whether or not you would like to order stuffing (synthetic or down) to your cushion covers.

The stripes on my vases are not similar. Why is that?
Our vases with stripes are hand painted with a brush. Therefore, no vase is similar, and hence, your vase is unique.

My Speedtsberg boxes differ in color. Why is that?
All our boxes are handmade out of recycled paper. Therefore, no box is similar, and hence, your box is unique. Please remember that halogen spots and sunlit can damage the paper. Therefore, we recommend that you do not put the box in a sunny window or under halogen spots.

I have bought Speedtsberg trivets in felt. How much heat can they sustain?
Our trivets in felt can sustain as much as 120 degrees.

Can my Speedtsberg tableware sustain dishwasher?
Yes, all Speedtsberg tableware can sustain dishwasher. Just keep in mind that high degrees and blows from other items in the dishwasher can lead to broken glass and formation of cracks.

Can my Speedtsberg tableware sustain microwave oven?
Yes, all Speedtsberg tableware can sustain microwave oven. Just keep in mind that high degrees can lead to broken glass and formation of cracks.

Can my Speedtsberg PVC rugs tolerate washing machine?
Yes, our PVC rugs tolerate washing machine (30 degrees).

Congratulation with your new metal teapot
Here some good advice before using it:
Before use, pour hot water into it to make it warm. Every time the teapot has been used, it must be cleaned and wiped off to prevent rust. Do not leave teapot with tea to stand over night. If rust stains occur in the teapot, it may still be used. Brush the rust stain with a soft brush. Make a pot of black tea and let it be in the pot for about one hour. Pour the tea out. Repeat several times. The rim of black tea forms a kind of enamel that protects the inner sides of the pot.


How much does the freight cost
Our freight charges depend on, how much your goods fill/weigh, and where your store is located. Our choice of freight company depends on, where you store is located, e.g. U.K. We have not “hidden” any freight charges in our item prices. Therefore, our freight charges are the same as the transport company’s freight charges, and as a result, we do not profit on freight.


Can I find Speedtsberg on social media?
Yes, and you are very welcome to follow or give us a "like" on: